What is age verification?

Age verification is a process to confirm the age of an individual.

In most countries there are laws that restrict certain goods and services to adults only. Age verification is used by companies to check that they are abiding by child protection regulations and are not providing age-restricted items or services to children.

How Does It Work?

We use specialised software provided by  Agechecked.com. All you need to do is complete your order as normal on our web site following the prompts and providing your order details. These automatic checks will be done as part of the order process.

What If It Doesn’t Pass?

On the rare occasion a check cannot be completed automatically you will receive email prompts advising that we haven’t been able to dispatch your order until the age checked process is completed. We can get in touch via phone and email so if you do receive either of these it is intentional and part of the service we provide.

Successful age verification:

  • You can verify your age by using a credit card; you can be under the age of 18 and have a debit card so if you use a debit card then this unfortunately will not result in a successful age verification.
  • Please ensure to use your full name as per your birth certificate, any abbreviations, or shorted names along with any salutations will not work.
  • You need to use your electoral roll address; if you have recently moved; please use the address that you were registered to. If you haven’t elected to be on the electoral roll then please verify your age using a credit card.
  • If you are unable to verify your age please send an email to sales@redecindustrial.com and a member of the team will be more than happy to assist further to verify your age.
  • If you are struggling with the system, simply send a picture of your passport or drivers licence showing your name, date of birth and photo ID and we will manually verify your age and proceed with the order.
  • The order will have been received even if you are required to verify your age. You do not need to place any further orders.
  • Please note, if you are not a UK resident you’ll need to manually verify your age rather than use the AgeCheck process, please call the team or send an email to sales@redecindustrial.com and a member of the team will be more than happy to assist further to verify your age.